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Breaking the Systematic Poverty Cycle in Rural China

Who are we?

Hi! We’re a social enterprise run by international high school students in Shanghai. We sell organic tea sourced straight from the tea farms of Xiaohusai, a village in Southwest China where educational resources may be insufficient. Thus, our mission is to ensure fair pay for tea farmers and expand the opportunities given to the children of Yunnan. 

Our Mission

Xiaohusai aims to break the systemic, generational poverty cycle in rural China by ensuring fair pay to villagers and providing a merit-based scholarship system for their children.

What is a Social Enterprise?

Xiaohusai acts like an enterprise -  we operate on the basis of maximizing revenue and minimizing costs. However, our group has one ultimate goal: serving others. 100% of the profits from our sales are either reinvested back into the village of Xiaohusai (小户赛) or spent towards Research and Development. Check out our products! 

"Social Entrepreneurship" 
A social enterprise combines entrepreneurial activity with a social purpose. Its main aim is to create social impact by maximizing profit for the beneficiaries. 
source: European Commission
Mountain View

Our Social Impact

as of Fall 2023

We have impacted 


men, women, and children through our work in the village for the past 6 years

We have reinvested


RMB for the village in the form of scholarships and infrastructure projects

We have provided 


years of education for impoverished children 


Welcome to Spill the Tea, Xiaohusai's exclusive blog! In every article, we spill the tea about DIY recipes, company and villager updates, and anything in between.

Support Our Journey!

100% of our profits go towards critical infrastructure projects and scholarships for children of rural tea farmers. Your support means that these communities can continue to thrive for generations to come!

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