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Our Honey

        In the summer of 2023, we set on a new adventure to the village of Gungang, nestled near Xiaohusai. The village has introduced to us many new needs and hopes, which compelled us to further our fundraising efforts to alleviate some of the hardships endured by the residents. However, amidst the various problems the village is currently facing, we also stumbled upon the village's own specialty: honey. Even now, we simply cannot forget the imprinting taste of the honey that the villagers drew straight from their beehives, with its natural sweetness and exquisite flavor. With that, we planned to expand our product line to include their delicious honey and reinvest all the profit back into our mission.

        By offering the village's honey to a broader market, we aim not only to provide a treat for all the honey lovers out there; but even more --- we hope to allow hardworking farmers in the village to gain a sustainable income from their work and expand their ability to connect with outlets outside the limiting market of their village. Every jar of honey sold would contribute directly to enhancing their livelihoods and supporting the community's well-being.


Normal Honey

This transparent, floral-flavored liquid is what bees at Gungang normally offer.  Always can't go wrong with the original flavor!


Winter Honey

Winter Honey can be distinguished by its special creamy-like color and sweeter flavor. Yum!


Black Honey

Black honey is comparatively much rarer than the other two types of honey, only produced when bees meet a special kind of flower. However, that does not halter people's huge cravings for this type of incredibly delicious and dark-colored honey.

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