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About Us

Xiaohusai is a social enterprise working to better rural villages in southwest China. We founded Xiaohusai in 2016 as a small group of high school students based in Shanghai. 

We source organic tea straight from the plantations of Xiaohusai village, ensuring fair pay for tea farmers. From packaging design to marketing to product innovation, we handle the entire journey of our tea from supplier to customer.

100% of our profits go toward need-based scholarships for the children of tea farmers and infrastructure for the village. As of 2023, we have funded over 20 years of ES, MS, and HS education and successfully completed various infrastructure projects throughout the village. In 2022, we completed the construction of a 4-kilometer pipeline that now provides accessible, fresh water to 800+ villagers in Xiaohusai. 



In 2018, our entrepreneurial abilities were honored when we were selected as young entrepreneurs at WeWork's prestigious Creator Awards Shanghai. This recognition showcased our passion, creativity, and potential in the entrepreneurial realm.

Our commitment to making a positive impact on society and fostering global citizenship has been acknowledged through our remarkable achievement of winning the highly competitive EARCOS Global Citizenship Community Grant not once, but twice. This grant is a testament to the quality and significance of our projects, as well as our ability to consistently deliver meaningful results.

Additionally, in 2022, we were honored to receive a coveted nomination from Fosun International, a multinational holding company, among thousands of other applicants. 

We regularly attend events around Shanghai, such as Commune Market and Concordia International School Shanghai's Christmas Bazaar. Our members also visit the village, Xiaohusai, every year during summer for survey reports, and to explore new service opportunities. Check out our yearly trip photos on our gallery page! 

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