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Our Partners

Xiaohusai works with companies, organizations, and other nonprofits to battle complex and systemic issues on a worldwide scale. Our partners contribute ideas and innovations that help build a stronger community not only for us, but for the families that we support as well. 

Education For All Foundation

EFA (Education For All) Foundation is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that is currently educating over 1440 children in 14+ schools in rural China. EFA has allowed us to expand overseas, furthering our influence and social impact on the local communities of Xiaohusai. 

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Concordia Welfare & Education Foundation

CWEF (Concordia Welfare & Education Foundation) is a global nonprofit organization that strives to break the poverty cycle by equipping local communities with resources and education. Over the course of several years, CWEF has directly impacted over 140,000 people that are in need of humanitarian aid. 

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"It's so beautiful to see this kind of organic impact that we never planned for. Stories like this are very rewarding for our CWEF team and it encourages us to support more and more projects with the hope that the seeds we are planting will bear more and more fruit in the future"

Josh Lange, Executive Director of CWEF

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