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Water Project 22-23

In 2023, Xiaohusai celebrates an impressive feat: We successfully completed our first major infrastructure project that now provides clean and fresh water to over 800 villagers.


Here is our process: 



Interviewing villagers, we realized that many poorer families did not have proper access to water at all. Persistent blockage of the village well piping exacerbated many problems, ranging from dehydration to unhygienic environments. Furthermore, some of these households resided in areas more remote -- the path connecting them with the populous area being very dangerous during rains and nights. This led to further problems when they had to borrow water when blockages occured.


Sensing this problem, the Xiaohusai team decided to dedicate themselves to raising enough money to build a separate 4km pipe from the well on the mountain to the village. The pipe would connect to all the less affluent village houses, and to those that often had water stoppages. In such a way, the team could help them gain constant access to water, improving their living conditions. 



Through our market efforts, the team was able to raise 33,000 RMB for this water project. Using the money, we were able to help all villagers in Xiaohusai gain access to fresh water by building a separate pipe.


Interviewing the villagers on our 2023 trip, we were greeted with the positive news that the pipe has allowed all residents of the village to have consistent access to clean water.


They could now have baths and cook whenever without worry. They also don't have to store water every morning. 

Thank you to all that have supported us through this journey. 

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