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White tea is minimally processed with a short period of oxidation, ultimately serving a delicate taste - a mild flavor with a crisp, clean finish. It has the lowest caffeine levels of the three teas at Xiaohusai, and the highest level of antioxidants. With a unique fragrance, this fine tea will surely be a delight anytime.



PUER 60 G.jpg

An ancient Chinese fermented tea, Pu-er is known for its antioxidants and sweet aftertaste. The rich soil, ecology, and optimal humidity at Xiaohusai assist in the best Pu-er harvest in the world. Each sip of this long-established tea delivers oxygen to the brain, which helps relieve headaches and enhance circulation in the body.



BLACK 150 G.jpg

Famous for its rich taste and ability to blend in with numerous condiments, black tea is certainly a favorite. Each sip heightens focus and reduces blood pressure, along with an aromatic, malty taste that coffee lovers enjoy. If you're looking for a sweeter taste, try adding our honey - and you'll get a wonderful new drink to enjoy.


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